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Women of L.E.A.D is a women's forum designed to assist you to discover and walk in your destiny!   Our mission is to inspire and support women to make an intentional decision to discover their destiny.

Our interactive empowerment workshops encompass a variety of topics that allow the participant to discover their skills and talents essential to the birthing and manifestation of their destiny.  It does not matter where you are or what you are going through, there is something greater in you !  

Let's Get Better Together!!!


"Be curious and move with that curiosity. Create an internal space to understand who we need to ‘be’ to create the world that we really want.”

 Konda Mason, Co Founder,  The Runway Project;

2020 Empowerment Sessions

Jan 4th

Margaret Brunson

Strategic Planning 


Feb 1st

Shirley Brown

Quitting Is Not An Option


March 7th

Chaunel Christine

Write the Vision


                                               April 4th

Shauna Bell & Mia McCoy

       Health and Wellness


May 2nd

Chaunel Christine & Adrienne Threatt 

Transcending From The Aftermath


June 6th

 Wanda Pendergrass & Carrie Isaac

Prayer and Worship

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